The Work

The Work Timeline

Creating a vision for Niagara Street grounded in community values and ideas.

The City of Buffalo’s Department of Public Works and the Buffalo Sewer Authority are committed to ensuring  the design and implementation of Niagara Street Now is grounded in community ideas and values. To that end, it has retained a team of engineers, landscape architects, planners, and researchers to guide a process that bridges meaningful community input to a design that can help Niagara Street realize the vision set forth by passionate citizens and neighborhood groups for many years.

Where We Are NowDecember 2016
Design and Green Infrastructure Update
The community will have the opportunity to learn about proposed green infrastructure improvements and see an update on the preliminary design work.  The project team will present the preferred street layout showing the proposed lane configurations and cycle track. The Niagara Street Now team is especially interested in hearing from property owners who want green infrastructure treatments near their property and are willing to help maintain once the project is up and running.

December 15, 2015
Stakeholder Meeting

Key stakeholders were invited to weigh in on ideas and principles to guide the future of Niagara Street.
Meeting Snapshot: Meeting Summary; photos; handout; presentation.

December 2015 through January 2016
Community Survey

Community members weighed in and shared their ideas through an online survey. A door-to-door survey captured feedback from those who live and work on Niagara Street.

February 2016
Community Workshops

Stakeholders and citizens were invited to review survey results and were then asked to provide detailed suggestions for street elements to be incorporated into the project.

March 2016
Review of Community Vision Document

The results of the community feedback were reviewed, and additional feedback was provided  before the engineering and design team got started.

June 2016
Preliminary Design

Review an early design of the streetscape proposed by the engineering and design team, and offer feedback.

November 2016
Review “big design elements” for green infrastructure

Review the “big design elements”for green infrastructure and give an update on design.

December 2016
50% Design

By the end of the year, the team will submit 50% design plans.

February 2017
90% Design

Review the final design that will be placed out to bid for construction companies.

March 2017
Ready for Bid

By March of 2017, the team plans to have the design process complete and ready for the work to be bid.